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Lyndsey & Shaz

it’s the biggest leap of faith you will ever take to move to the other side of the world and a completely new culture shock but believe us, it’s entirely worth it and LHCEC will make sure you are in safe hands.


It has been a fantastic experience... I would like to thank Lany for all the help she has given me before I came to china and while I have been here. I am also thankful for amazing school she placed me in.


My experience living and working in China has been very satisfactory... If you like teaching and travelling, this is a great opportunity that will definitely be unforgettable!


When I applied to teach in China, I never thought I would actually do it... But here I am and a few weeks ago I gave a lecture on St. Patrick’s day to over 200 students and so reflecting on that, I feel I have come such a long way in such a short space of time.


Lanhu Cultural Exchange Center was the reason I had no worries when departing from Britain that I was going to be safe, secure and legitimately employed whilst teaching English in China. And so just a few months after first exploring the idea of teaching in China, I was there.


Overall the first lesson went well once my panic subsided and at the end I had a couple of students offer to take me to lunch, show me around the countryside and meet their families.

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