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Program Director
Fenglan "Lany" Li

 Lany has spent two decades working in foreign affairs and has been the General Manager of Lanhu Cultural Exchange Center for the past sixteen years. Concurrently, she is also the Manager of the International Exchange Center of Xiangtan University. Lany has been awarded national recognition prize for great contribution in her field by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in 2008, and regional prizes by Hunan Provincial Government in 2007. She has played an integral part in the China experience of 2000+ foreign experts, volunteers and graduates from western countries. Given the passion for her work, she has established lasting relationships with many volunteers/teachers who have taught through the program over the years. Her great reputation precedes her throughout the province, and spends her time visiting the various partner schools to ensure year-on-year high quality.

Assistant Program Director

Muqin "Mya" Chen

Mya was born and raised in Hunan Province. Having always had an affinity for her studies, after she graduated from Xiangtan University she went onto get her Master's degree from Auburn University in the US. She is a talented and charismatic individual whose goal is to open the doors to as many people as possible to her hometown and country, and to experience something amazing.

Global Recruitment Manager
Shazer Muñoz

Shazer is a passionate individual who believes in always helping others reach their full potential and that global experiences enrich life more than one can imagine. Since his first experience as an ESL teacher, and now part of a Furtune 100 company, he has been an advocate for the program and the benefits it brought to the people and students he met and taught, and to his educational and professional career.

Kaitlyn Fontaine

Kaitlyn rocks at life! All the way from California in the United States and an alumni from the University of Nevada, she has come to embrace the life of an ESL teacher in China. With a passion for writing (among other subjects), she has enjoyed and got so much out of her LHCEC experience in China that she wants to share it with anyone who would like to hear about it. Always positive and up for any challenge, Kaitlyn has traveled extensively in China and dearly regards her immersion in the culture and the chance she has had to influence the lives of her students.

Alexis Martinez

Originally from Texas (USA), with a strong desire to contribute to the lives of students in China, and be part of the wonderful culture as well, Alexis embarked on her LHCEC adventure and has made the most out of it. While making lasting memories in the classroom with her students, and incredibly fun memories outside of the classroom with her friends, Lexi has been deeply impressed by the work she does and by the experiences she has had through the program. If you are looking for inspiration or a little push to make up your mind, she will be glad to share her insights with you!


Alfredo Arellano

 Alfredo is the U.S. Representative for the LHCEC. A recent graduate from Sam Houston State University, he is doing his very best to recruit young Americans who are willing to go the extra mile and educate young kids here in China. As a successful English teacher at Wulingyuan #1 middle school, his stay in Wulingyuan, China has been fantastic. Comes from a family full of educators where his mother, father, and 3 sisters are teacher/coaches, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Teaching students English here at Wulingyuan #1 has been a great experience for  him to influencing and helping others. "In life, sometimes you have to be spontaneous and outgoing to see the brighter side of things. I think that is where life begins."

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