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  • Kelsey Kerin | The University of Chicago Alumni

A Program Like No Other!

Kelsey Kerin - Smile

After graduation, my partner and I had a strong desire to move abroad and teach. I had worked in classrooms for five years, but after months of searching could not find any program that would accommodate a pair of teachers. Finally, I heard about Lanhu through my university career advisor, and was shocked to find this incredible opportunity for both of us. Lanhu not only allowed us to come to the same city, but they arranged for us to teach in the same school. Not only are our utilities and housing taken care of, but our university had two months of paid vacation during Chinese New Year, which allowed us to travel extensively. I have never heard of another program like this- it is the perfect opportunity for a couple, friends, or an individual to live comfortably in a beautiful province that’s a bit off the beaten path. The relaxed schedule (I am only working around 8 hours each week) is perfect for learning about China’s history, culture, and language in addition to your own creative pursuits or graduate school applications. Lanhu offers its teachers an amazing experience with a great deal of freedom. The best part about my day-to-day life in China is, without question, my students- they are hilarious and endlessly curious undergraduates. Having freedom over my lessons in the classroom has allowed me to teach classes that are interesting to them as well as me- we can read poetry, write sci-fi skits, and play charades if we like. Outside of class, my students readily talk with me about life in China, explaining festivals and cultural differences. I would encourage those who are coming into the program to be as open-hearted as possible. I was nervous at first about lunging head-first into a totally different environment, (especially since I couldn’t find a lot of information online), but Hunan is a very welcoming place. I have learned this from the kindness of my school’s workers as well as the incredible Lanhu staff and fellow teachers who have made me feel at home. Also, prepare yourself for the best food of your life.

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