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  • Christiana Kamprogianni

From Greece, to China!

Teaching in China!

My name is Christiana Kamprogianni and I am from Greece. I graduated from the famous Aberystwyth University in the UK with a bachelor's degree in Biology.

I think teaching in China is an amazing experience, I have been able to explore a country I always dreamed of visiting. Being a teacher in China gave me an opportunity to travel the country for a long period of time due to the long holidays you’re provided as a teacher. I’ve taught 1,000 students so far and they have all been very enthusiastic and interested in what I do and where I come from - this has given me the opportunity to do many fun activities with them both in and out of lessons. I am extremely grateful I got to join the program. I have gained so much: my organizational skills (since different lesson planning for various age groups is needed), my confidence to talk to large groups and my presentation skills have all improved since by being an English teacher...and all these thanks to my lovely students who have been fantastic to work with.

I have also had an interesting social life while in China, I have made many friends with both local Chinese people and other foreign teachers that I have met during my stay here. My host school has been very supportive and we regularly go to dinner with our liaison and other teachers from our school. I have been invited to take part in school performances, to visit other schools and, to meet the education council for our city. I have greatly enjoyed my time here and I wish more people would get the courage to do the same!

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