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  • Bronté Lovelock

A pleasant and rewarding surprise

I am Bronté Lovelock, British. I graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in the UK. When I first applied for a position as a foreign language teacher, I will admit my reasons were primarily selfish. The thought of living in a new, amazing and interesting country like China was the the forefront of my mind. However, six months in I can honestly say I have fallen in love with teaching. From the very second I stepped into my college classroom I felt at home. The students are so deeply fascinated in my life, my country and my culture that they almost make me feel famous. On my darkest days, when I'm missing home, my students are my sunshine. They have been so loving, welcoming and friendly that when I'm in my classroom I'm never sad or lonely. One of the toughest periods of being away from home for any western foreigner is Christmas. Knowing this, my students bought me a lot of presents and wrote so many notes telling me how much I meant to them. I was so humbled be their caring nature that they made Christmas such a special time for me. Undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at a college is watching my students progress into young adults. Their confidence in English is growing every week and it brings me so much happiness and pride to watch them speak so greatly and naturally. They've become more than just my students, they've become my friends.

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