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Samuel - Teaching English in China

Lanhu Cultural Exchange Center was the reason I had no worries when departing from Britain that I was going to be safe, secure and legitimately documented whilst teaching English in China. And so just a few months after first exploring the idea of teaching in China, I was there.

I'm teaching in Zhuzhou City near the capital of Hunan, Changsha. I've quickly felt at home here, as even though it's a very Chinese city! There's shops selling everything you'd need, and plenty of other 'westerners' around and about in town, mostly teaching at other schools. The kids have been incredibly cute and I warmed to them and they warmed to me instantly. It's going to be hard to say goodbye!

I've been taken care of by the LHCEC contacts here, and they have helped me to settle in and enjoy my time without hassle. I am now looking forward to a further 4 months of teaching before returning to London for a graduate job.

This has been an unforgettable gap year, and I would recommend anyone else searching for a similar experience to contact LHCEC. Just go for it!

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