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The Lanhu Cultural Exchange Center (LHCEC) is a non-profit organization dedicatesdto promote English as Second Language (ESL) education in Central China.

Subsidized by the Hunan Province Board of Education, the LHCEC aids qualified schools meet their English Teacher needs. It accomplishes so by connecting said schools with schools and graduates and professionals abroad. In return, it provides volunteers or full-time teachers with not only the opportunity to teach English in China, but also to explore and submerge themselves in its unique culture.

Since its inception in 2007, we have helped hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers enrich the lives of students of all ages. Each year, we designate hundreds of English teachers to various institutions, all of which are accredited by the State Administration of Foreign Experts’ Affairs (SAFEA).

We believe that education is an on-going process. The best part of your education may be waiting thousands of miles away in another country. We invite you to contact us to find out more, or to help you get in touch with someone who has previously been part the program. Don't miss your opportunity!

You choose the teaching level you'd like!
Choose from a variety of cities
Ample time to explore China
Foster professional connections and personal growth!
Find adventure every day
Have support 24/7 for any difficulties 
Work with schools with previous volunteer experience 
Worry-free process and experience. We make sure you'll have everything you need for your visa process, and that the school takes good care of their volunteers!
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